Ikhonco                                             December 2013
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Ordination of Deacons and Priest

On Monday 16th December, postponed because of Nelson Mandela's funeral taking place on Sunday 15th December, seven deacons and one priest were ordained in St. John's Cathedral, Mthatha
After his ordination Rev N. Gcilishana becomes an assistant priest at St Chad's, Ntshiqo
Revd. R.S. Mase begins his diaconate at St. Bartholomew's, Corana.

Revd. G.M. Mayila (left) commences his diaconate at St. Thomas Park, as does Revd. T. Mtwesi (right)
Revd. T. Mjangasi becomes deacon at St. Alban's, Ngcwanguba.
Revd. N.N. Ndayi undertakes her diaconate at St. Matthew's parish, Bongweni.

Revd. G. Semane (left) begins his diaconate at St. Augustine Payne, and Revd. T.T. Sodaba (right) becomes deacon at The Good Shepherd, Bele