Parish of St Andrew, Qolombane
C/O Box 65, Mthatha

Rector: The Revd Canon Mlungisi Ndima
Cell : 073 171 0933
Assistant Priests: None

C.S. Mtini (Mr.)
N. Ndevu (Mrs.)
M. Ngetu (Mr.) Alternate

To gather as God's people.
To grow in Faith, Love and service.
To go into the world as disciples and apostles.

We are committed to helping people discover their spiritual gifts that they might use them in the building up of the church, the body of Christ.

St Monica:    Seat of the Parish of St Andrew's Qolombana.
St Andrew's at Nqadu
St Luke's at Nlatyeba
St Saviour's at Ngqwala

St Luke's performs better than the other three branches -they are well motivated.
St Monica comes second because of the numbers but they are very lazy and not motivated at all.
St Andrew's comes third - lack of leadership and are easily distracted and demotivated
St Saviour's comes fourth and last - poor performance as a result of low numbers. Very few male members of the congregation (+- 5) and not a single one working. Women - the majority are old and illiterate. Very few young women but they are housewives. Youth - very few.

Current Projects (Non profit projects)
Building of the church to replace the one that was made of mud and wood. It is now at roof level. Thanks to the donation by Mr. B. Mditshwa - St. Saviours branch
Parish church at Qolombana next to the clinic: it is still at the foundation level.
No profit making projects have been embarked on yet.

Number of Congregants
St Andrew's (Nqadu)
Adults 265 (Working 6)
Children 49

St Monica
Adults : 77 (Working 7)
Children : 53

St Luke's
Adults : 65 (Working 6)
Children : 69

St Saviour's
Adults : 26 (Working 04)
Children : 9

It is low, this is because the majority of congregants are old women who live on grants and /or old age pensions.
They still need to be taught about giving, an attempt is being made to evangelize broadly and infiltrate the working class that is still reluctant to join the church.
Also an attempt is being made to reduce the number of fundraising activities that demand money (Ngqungquthela).
Workshops on giving have been planned for the 2""' half of the year 2012.

Pledges are still at R50 per person but those who are working or at least have regular income, though very few, are encouraged to pledge not less than R100.
A stop order payment for assessment is operating well.

The parish council is made up of the Guild executive members.
Prayer cells and bible study are encouraged. Parishioners are still reluctant to attend them
The Parish gets the support from individuals such as:
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