St. Andrew's Vicarage Church Ngangalizwe
P.O. Box 308, Mthatha

Vicar: The Ven J.T. Ngombane

Tel: 047 5350527
Cell: 073 484 2005

A fundraising event organised by the church youth for the Soup Kitchen at the local clinic was held on 22nd June 2023 in the Church Hall. More......
Just as our Patron Saint St Andrew sought, followed and brought his own brother, Peter and other people to Jesus the Messiah,  so shall we in similar vein commit to being a Messiah-seeking, Jesus-preaching and Jesus-emulating church.
This is achievable through engaging, among others, in the following activities:-
1.1. Concerted and in-depth bible study, prayer and meditation.
1.2. Gospel proclamation, savoury speech and exemplary character.
1.3. Extolling Gods presence in all creation particularly in man in order to effectively and efficiently emulate the righteous life of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.
Rev. G.L. Pakati                Retiree
Rev. A.M. Magadla            Retiree

Church Wardens
Mr. M.Rasmen
Mrs. N. Majija
Ms. P. Titus  (Alt.)

PCC Members
Rev. J.T. Ngombane            Vicar
Mrs. M.Rasmen         Church Warden
Mrs. N. Majija            Church Warden
Ms. P. Titus                (alt. Church Warden)
Mr. B.K.G. Madabane            Church Warden Emeritus
Mr. Mpinda                 Congregant Elect
Mrs. N. Mzalisi           Congregant Elect
Mr. L. Kwetane           Congregant Elect
Mr. C.S. Magazi         Congregant Elect
Mr. M Ndlovu              Congregant Elect
Mrs. N, Pohlwana       Servers
Mr. M Poto                  St. Bernard Mizeki
Mrs. T. Funani            G.B.F.S.
Mrs. N, Lusu               Mother's Union
Mrs. N. Boya               Sunday School
Mrs. V. Luwaca           A.W.F.
Miss V. Guma             St Mary Magdalene
Mrs. M. Dinga              Preachers & Lay Ministers
Mr. C. Luwaca             Youth
Mr. L Varoyi                 Congregant Elect

Guilds Executive Members
St. Bernard Mizeki
Leader                  Mr. M. Poto
Mr. S Luwaca
Mr. L Qangule
Mr. V. Maraveni
Mr. Z. Letsoana
Mr. S. Pungula
Mr. A Mnyatheli
Mr. G Sineke                                         62 members

Mother's Union
Leader                  Mrs. N. Lusu
Mrs. N.M. Yekani
Mrs. M.M. Mokhele
Mrs. S. Ngcangca
Mrs. B.B. Ntasa                                      204 members

Preachers & Lay Ministers

Leader                    Mrs. M. Dinga
Mr. C. Nozulu
Mr. N R Mtshabe
Mr. V. Saunders
Mr. G. Sineke
Mr. S. Pungula                                           23 members

Leader                   Mrs. V. Luwaca
Mrs. N. Socikwa
Mrs. N. Mchasa
Ms. S. Jezile
Mrs. N. Mtshabe
Mrs. N. Magadla
Mrs. N. Mqoqi
Ms. E. Bilisho
Mrs. Y. Zim                                                   50 members

St. Mary Magdalene

Leader                      Miss V. Guma
Ms. D. Balo
Ms. N. Myataza
Ms. N. Vabaza

Leader                   Mr. C. Luwaca
Miss S. Bala
Miss P. Madolo
Mr. M. Somtsewu
Miss L. Mti
Mr. P. Sikade
Mr. S. Gwavu
Ms. S. Dandala
Ms N. Saunders                                          31 members

Leader                   Mrs. T Duma
Mrs. Gaxela                  
Mrs. T Pungula
Mrs. Maqungo
Ms. Madala
Mrs. Makubalo                                            Girls 48, Boys 19 = 67 members

Sunday School
Leader                   Mrs. N. Bdya
Mrs. Varoyi                  
Mrs. N. Buswana
Mrs. Ralane
Mrs. Songelwa                                             Girls 72, Boys 68 =140 members

Leader                   Mrs. N, Pohlwana
Miss A. Mqoboli                   
Miss Z. Madaza
Mr. N. Qongqo           
Miss S. Yekani
Miss B. Phillip                                              85 members


Mrs. Rosemary Ndlumane     Cleaner
Ms. Aviwe Somfongo              Clerk         
Mr. Zwelitsha Xhalisa             Caretaker      

Giving/Fund Raising Groups
Dlezinye                    Mr. M. Rasmeni
Nonzame                  Mrs. N. Majija
Nonceba                   Mrs. N. Nobeqwa
Dimbaza                   Mrs. N. Magadla
Lindelwa                   Mrs. N Mgandela
Lindokuhle                Mrs. L Nozulu

Adults                                       427
Youth & Servers                      174
Children /Sunday School         140

Prayer Cells

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