Parish of St Augustine, Inxu
C/O Box 146, Maclear

Rector : The Ven Lungile  Fodo
Cell : 073 441 5973         

Church Wardens :
Mr. T. Magadla
Mrs. E.N. Nodada
Mrs. N Mhlndleni

PCC Members
Mr. T. Magadla
Mrs. E.N. Nodada
Mrs. N. Mhlandleni
Mr. A. Fadana
Miss N. Mzileni
Mrs. F. Ngoma
Mr. B. Vabaza
Mr. Mbombo
Mrs. Mpondo
Mr. Z. Ndlela
Mrs. S. Masangwana
Mr. A. Magadla
Mrs. L. Ndlela
Mr. X. Mpondo

To have a parish that brings hope to the people.
Mission Statement
To reach and influence the surrounding communities by building a large Christ-centred, Bible-centred and Anglicanised community.

Guilds & Co-0rdinators
MU:                                           Mrs. L. Ndlela
St. Bernard Mizeki                  Mr. B. Vabaza
Preachers & Lay Ministers     Mr. A. Magadla
Servers                                     Mr. S. Mdingi
Youth                                         Miss N. Mzileni
BGFS                                        Mrs. N. Maliwa
Sunday School                         Mrs. N. Maliwa
HIV/AIDS                                  Mrs. E. Nkebeni

Parish Roll
Old =178
Children = 147
Total = 325
36 %Working
64 % Not Working [Old Age Grant & Children's Grant]

:They are Evangelical
Giving Standard :Majority of old people are pledging and minority of children are pledging
We are recruiting youth through games so as to boost their morale, we educate people about stewardship and giving.

3 stations including the mission with their small churches [church halls]
The parish has a well furnished rectory

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