Parish of St Mary Magdalene, Zimbane
C/O Box 65 Mthatha

Rector : Revd. Canon Tembalakhe Ndiya
Cell : 078 353 3084

Deacon: The Revd. Nomnikelo Ngwilikane

Church Wardens:
Mrs. T. Tyumre
Miss T. Mpepho
Mr. S. Holby

PCC Members:
Mrs. N. Ngwilikana
Ms T. Madyibi
Mr. S. Xalisa
Mr. T. Mnyatheli
Ms N. Tyumre
Mr. Z. Tyumre
Mrs. P. Tyumre
Mrs. P. Mtshakaca
Ms Z. Mkhutyukelwa
Mrs. N. Mananga
Mr. M. Ngwilikana
Mrs. N. Tshawe
Mrs. N. Manyadu
Ms N. Guma
Ms F. Mabetshe
Mr. T. Tshawe
Miss A. Nkonzo
Mrs. N. Tyumre
Mrs. N. Gqobo
Miss T. Silolo and all the sideman and church wardens

Lay ministers & Preachers         Mr. M. Ngwilikana
ASIA (servers)                             Mr. L. Tyumre
Mother's Union                            Mrs. N. Ngwilikana
Bernard Mizeki                            Mr. S. Holby
St Mary Magdalene                    Miss A. Nkonzo
Choir                                            Miss T. Silolo
GBFS                                          Miss T. Madyibi
St Cyprian                                   Miss N. Tyumre
Sunday School                           Miss F. Mabetshe
Youth                                            Mr. L. Tshawe

St Mary Magdalene Parish strives to be vibrant and faith-filled; embracing all people.
Towards this vision: we SERVE, TEACH and WORSHIP.

St Mary Magdalene Parish is a community dedicated church in proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ the Saviour and strives to bring people closer together and closer to God.
This Parish accomplishes this by:
Roll Call
Elderly 6
Professionals 28
Non-Professionals 58
Children 102
Total Roll 192

Giving at Diocesan Level
Under all the odds the Parish makes the Diocesan Assessment as its first charge. With God's help the Parish manages to meet all the Diocesan dues.

St Mary Magdalene Parish is a Christ centred Anglican Church that aims to build a Christ like community which is continuing with Christ's Mission of preaching Good News to all people of God irrespective of race and of caring for the sick and people living with AIDS both infected and affected, in virtue of their God given dignity, whilst striving to have a stigma and AIDS free society and alleviate poverty. St Mary Magdalene Parish's identity is based in the Bible which is a guarantee of Salvation, weapon, and meditation in the truth of the Bible. It is also based on the Anglican tradition and is governed by the Diocesan Acts and Canons.

We conduct door to door campaigns to convert the non-believers to Christianity; to bring hope to the lapsed members and taking care of them by assisting in their needs.

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