Parish of the Holy Nativity
C/O Box 65, Mthatha

Rector: The Revd Tandeka Vikilahle
Cell : 083 300 5136

Assist. Priest: The Revd. Siphiwo Mphike


The Parish was established in August 2008 as a branch of St. Thomas Park, whose incumbent was Rev. Zibi.
The parish is situated between Thabo Mbeki and Slovo Park along Link Road.

The parish started with two lay ministers; 1. Nokhulela Vumba and Thembeka Mthwesi with Thembeka Mthwesi as branch leader. There were five more people with whom they were worshipping, making a total of seven members. The branch was housed at Thabo Mbeki by then and was later moved to the project building at Slovo Park in 2010. By 2011 three deacons were posted to St Thomas Park to serve their deaconate under Rev. Xintolo who is the Rector of St. Thomas Park Parish. St. Thomas had three branches by then.
The rector allocated the deacons to the branches with Rev. VikiIahle allocated to the Holy Nativity branch which by then had seven members.
Towards the end of the year was announced to be a parish the following year.
In 2012 Rev. Vikilahle was posted from St. Thomas Park to the new parish of The Holy Nativity still housed in project building but had a site next door to project
When started as a parish the membership was as follows:
AWF had five members
St. Bernard Mizeki had two
St. Mary Magdalene had two
There were three lay ministers
The Mother's Union had twelve members and
The servers guild had two members.  That gives a total of twenty four members.

The parish now has 41 youth members
8 AWF members
9 St. Bernard Mizeki members
5 Mary Magdalene members
21 MU members
34 members do not belong to any of the guilds and that gives a total of 118 members; the parish has 109 congregants.

 The parish is situated within the poverty community and is, therefore, Composed predominantly by unemployed members. It therefore has few people who are constant givers and the majority are on and off givers

The parish functions within the ambit of the canon law which requires it to have structures that guide the functioning of the parish. In line with that the parish has the Vestry, Parish Church Council (PCC), & the Executive.

The parish has a clear vision and mission statement that guide the activities ofthe parish.

The vision of the church is rooted in the purpose of God about the church. The vision of the parish is
building a healthy growing church 2nd Cor. 5: 18-19.

Unemployment and poverty
H.l.V AND AIDS are the key challenges ofThe Holy Nativity Parish

Despite the challenges that the parish has been able to meet the targets that are set for her.
The parish has been able to build the church building. It has been able to grow in numbers from
seven members to 119 members by the grace of God.

The general mood in the parish is good which is caused mainly by the fact that there are people who
have committed themselves to prayer

We are engaging ourselves in evangelism so as to increase the parish more in numbers. We also
have a sharp eye and ears on the needs of the people and of the community at large in order for
them to see CHRIST whom we preach
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