Ikhonco                                                                          October 2013
Report from the 33rd Provincial Synod by Fezile Potwana

We have had a good opportunity to gain our knowledge of Anglican communion and deepen our faith for a week in Kopanong Conference Centre, Gauteng.The synod is about the management of affairs and improvement of our services through the canonical obedience which were dealt in depth and at large scale. Some of us were elected to serve in various Provincial structures such Elective Assembly and standing committee. Miss Pumla Titus was elected secretary of the Synod and Ven. Pinyana and Potwana to the elective assembly; the registrar and chancellor serve in the canon law committee.There  were various  highlights; the preaching by Bishop Sengulane of Mozambique, who put emphasis on giving and hospitality is most outstanding. People should avoid at all times to kill the Gospel because if you are not a cheerful giver you are stopping the plan of God.Former President Thabo Mbeki gave an inspiring lecture on leadership and requested the Church to take up her stand in the educational affairs and those matters that are affecting the youth. He pointed out that crime will only increase between Friday and Sunday and the agents are the youth who were suppose to be playing their role in church. Lastly there was unison in singing in every language and this shows unity in our communion.
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