St Thomas Park
C/O Box 233, Mthatha

Rector : The Ven Nonkonzo Xintolo (Dip luris, B.Iuris LLB (Unisa), Dip Th. (BKC), BA Hons (UP)
Cell : 083 297 7214

Deacons: The Revd. Tembeka Mkabeni
                  The Revd. Pumeza Mfono

The Parish was named after St Thomas (nicknamed the twin), The Apostle, commemorated on 3 July each year.
The Parish started as a branch of the then St John's Mission Parish now St John's Collegiate, founded by the late Mr. Michael Pindani in 1997, by conducting a door to door ministry. The church was later established as a Parish in 2007, under the seal of the Bishop, Dr Sithembele Mzamane, during the incumbency of Ven Z.S. Nombekela. The Parish is now the seat of a newly established Archdeaconry, The Freedom Park Archdeaconry

The Church is situated at Slovo Park, about 3 km west of Mthatha.

The first priest in charge of this Parish was Rev M Zibi who served in 2007 and 2008. In 2008, he received a deacon in the name of Rev H. M. Mkize, who served for a year.
Rev J. Sikhuni was his successor as rector in 2009, assisted by Rev A.S. Bala
In 2010, Rev N.L.B. Xintolo, now an archdeacon became the third incumbent to date.
In 2011, she received three deacons, Rev Z. Bangiso, Rev N. Ludada and Rev C.T.Vikilahle, whilst Rev Bala continued as curate and left at the beginning of 2012, to start a new parish.
The three deacons later became priests in charge of newly established parishes in 2012
In 2012, she received a deacon, Rev C.M. Mnge, who served for a year.
In 2013, she was joined by Rev T. L. Mfono as a curate.

Presently the Parish has a membership of 224 parishioners split as follows:-
Mothers Union                                                                                 52
Bernard Mizeki                                                                                25
AWF                                                                                                 14
St Mary Magdalene                                                                           8
Servers Guild (Some also members of the GBFS                    107
GBFS (Some also members of the Servers Guild)
Sunday school
Preachers and Lay ministers (Affiliated to other guilds               11
Youth ( Some also members of the Servers Guild and GBFS)
Non-affiliated members                                                                   18

A Christ-centred church, spirit led, vibrant, loving, caring, growing and united church.

This can be achieved through:-
As a branch the church had a membership of 8 adult parishioners and their children. There are no records available regarding membership, at the time of establishment as a parish. It expanded however by the establishment of three more branches as follows:
Same branches were established as Parishes in 2012.
At that time the parish had a membership of 204 adult parishioners and 144 youth.
After the multiplication the parish was left with a membership of 87 adults and 64 youth and children
Presently there is a membership of 117 adults and 107 youth and children. However not all these members are active. Groups have been established so as to ensure that there is maximum participation by all members. Prayer cells are held at group level and the groups are responsible for the ministry of caring.
There is great potential for further growth, considering the vast area not covered. Spiritual growth is also worked at, through whole night prayers, morning prayers, cell groups and retreats.
The 3rd Sunday of the month has been set aside for youth to conduct services, for their growth.
They also meet on Saturdays for spiritual growth.

The incumbent is the accounting officer.
Together with three Churchwardens, they form the executive of the Parish
The Parish Church Council, which comprises the incumbent, 3 elected members, 3 churchwardens and ex-Officio members is the governing Body and sits at least once quarterly.
The Guild leaders are co-opted members of the PCC.
The vestry meeting of all parishioners in good standing sits at least yearly and at variance when need arises.

Income is derived mostly from pledges and collections and the parish is still able to make the monthly contributions of assessment promptly, thanks to dedicated givers.
Shortfalls at times are covered with special Ngqungquthelas
Family Day contributions are made as expected.
Harvest - There is enthusiasm in the Harvest judging by the income generated towards it.
Lent Offerings are made without fail and the parish has so far contributed more than the minimum expected.
Easter offerings, Pentecost Offerings and Andreya offerings are made promptly.
Youth are encouraged to make contributions to inculcate a culture of giving at their tender age.

The church is in favour of winning people for Christ and more souls are won for Christ.

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