The Diocesan Choir

The Diocesan Choir is led by Zukisa Tyumre of the Archdeaconry of Zimbane, St Mary Magdalene Parish.  A teacher by profession, a husband to Nolundi (who is his pillar of strength) and a father of four, he has been with the Diocesan Choir ever since its inception. He was appointed and commissioned into the office of the Diocesan Choir Master by the Bishop in 2005 and has held the baton since, endeavouring to realise the vision of the Bishop, of a Diocese that sings in one accord. Although not easy, progress towards this vision is being made. 

The Choir, (Mthatha Anglican Diocesan Choir) prides itself, among many achievements, on eleven recorded music albums. The next challenge will be the forthcoming trip to Israel in August to honour an invitation to represent South Africa in the Zimriya World of Assembly Choir Festival.

Zukisa is ably supported by Zweledinga Tyumre, known to many as Zweli, who is brother to Zukisa, an ordained priest and a man of many talents, conductor and organist. Before joining the priesthood he was one of the staunchest members of the choir. The multiplication of the Diocese in 2011 saw him left to serve in the newly born Diocese of Mbashe. The official organist of the choir is Mr Zwezwe Ntikinca who is currently studying in Port Elizabeth; in the mean time Zweli is keeping the choir in tune all the time.  

The choir perform in either their uniform of black and white, or in traditional dress, depending on the occasion.


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